Orthodontics in Stockwell dentists recommend

When you’re told that the gorgeous grin you want will require some special headgear, a lot of patients would immediately assume they’re going to be strapped into some metal monstrosity of wires connected directly to their face. But at SW9 Dental, we’ve taken some time to highlight a few of the types of facial apparatus you may be asked to wear by our team to help give you that winning smile and to settle any fears you might have about orthodontics in Stockwell.

Orthodontics in StockwellRubber bands

As the name suggests, these are basically surgical rubber bands that are placed over your upper or lower teeth. Patients then wear these bands for a set period of time to allow their teeth to be slowly aligned by the pressure of the bands.

Clear aligners

An interesting and almost science fiction form of orthodontics in Stockwell, is the way we map your teeth and produce a 3D image that we then use to create a transparent plastic brace for clear aligners. From there we gradually adjust your teeth into the preferred shape. Although there is some mild discomfort during this procedure, the braces are removable so they can be taken out for eating and cleaning, although we recommend wearing them for at least 22 hours a day.


Formed of a face mask, straps and elastic it may look imposing, but headgear is used to assist the growth of the jaw to correct any bite abnormalities. It’s often used in the treatment of young children as their jaw is still growing and developing and the act of this device’s pulling force helps to correct any potential misalignments.


When someone thinks of braces this is the stereotypical image that pops into their heads. Using a system of springs and bolts, the forsus or fatigue resistant device, is often used in orthodontics in Stockwell as an alternative to headgear for older patients.

Similar to the headgear, it helps to reduce overbites, improve the fit of teeth and reduce the need for potential jaw surgery further down the line if other methods prove unsuccessful.

Palatal Expanders

Another type of appliance your dentist might recommend is a palatal expander. These are then hidden away and attached to your upper jaw and placing a gentle amount of pressure on the molars to widen your palette.

Treatment time for these expanders can take up to several months for the desired changes to appear and you may be asked to continue wearing them for an extended time to prevent any regression in the affected area.

These are just a few of the different ways you can reshape and reposition those pesky misaligned teeth. There are plenty of other interesting methods for dental correction, but to list them all would take far too long and your dentist would normally discuss the right one to suit your needs anyway. But, hopefully some of these more interesting ones might have settled any misgivings or unease you may have over future treatments.

Why You Should Be Asking Your Dentist About Clear Aligners in Stockwell

If you have ever thought about straightening a particularly crooked tooth or if you want to improve your already perfect smile, at SW9 Dental one of our staff may recommend an alignment. If you’ve never heard of these before then this is why your dentist may recommend them.

Clear Aligners in StockwellWhat are clear aligners?

They are shaped, transparent plastic that’s used to slowly adjust your misaligned teeth to their correct positions. They work the same as normal braces, but are used for more mild to moderate treatment of tooth crowding.

The dental apparatus is custom fitted for comfort and since it’s transparent it’s easy to clean. Also, it can be removed to allow you to brush your teeth and floss after meals for those that keep up a rigorous oral health regime.

How does the process work?

The whole process is straightforward. When you book your first appointment for clear aligners in Stockwell you will be brought in and your teeth will be scanned, and your bite registered to create a 3D image of your teeth. This will then be used to map the progress of the specific parts of your smile you wish to improve, and you will even get to see how your teeth will look at the end.

Using this 3D image, we will then create a series of aligners for you to wear that will gently adjust your teeth over time, giving you that perfect smile you’ve always wanted at the end of your treatment.

What are the benefits?

There are a lot of positives for this treatment, we’ve picked out a few of them below for you to mull over before you book your next appointment.

  • Since they’re transparent you can walk around wearing your clear aligners in Stockwell without feeling self-conscious.
  • Fitting the aligners is a relatively quick procedure.
  • Although we recommend wearing your aligners for at least 22 hours a day, you can remove them whenever you like if there’s too much discomfort.
  • To clean them you don’t have to soak them for hours in Listerine as all you need is a brush and a small amount of dental solution in water to keep the apparatus sparkling clean and hygienic.

Are there downsides?

The only real downside of going through with this can be some mild discomfort whilst wearing them as your teeth are being forcibly moved to a new position. We often refer to this as a feeling of ‘pressure’, but it’s a completely normal reaction and any pharmacy pain relievers are an easy solution to this.

When it comes down to it, the only one who can truly decide if you should go through with this is yourself, we can only recommend the safest and cleanest way to go about it. If you’re happy with your smile, then that’s great and for those that are not we’re always able to help give you that gorgeous grin you deserve. So don’t delay ask us about clear aligners in Stockwell today.

Correct your bite and smile with orthodontics

Not everyone has the perfect smile, but it is something that is obtainable thanks to modern orthodontics. Having straight teeth and fixing your “Bugs Bunny” overbite will not just improve the way you look, but will help you to achieve optimum dental health. How? Gaps and spaces between teeth,which are hiding places and a breeding ground for bacteria, are closed. Added to that, correcting your protruding front teeth will put less pressure on your jaw, and end those frequent tension headaches you have suffered from in the past.

Orthodontics in StockwellThe world of orthodontics in Stockwell is ever changing, in the variety of straightening methods available and the wide age range of people considering braces for the first time. Children and adults alike are saying goodbye to embarrassingly crooked teeth, for a lifetime of smiles and happiness with us, the SW9 Dental professionals.

Come to us if you are serious about getting braces, and we can discuss what orthodontic device best suits your lifestyle needs.

The changing face of braces

For children back in the early 2000s, getting braces was a rite of passage, but many adults back then would prefer to live life with crooked teeth than sport those large metal brackets and luminous coloured rubber bands that made smiling in photographs awkward and cringey.

There has been a lot of change in the world of orthodontics in Stockwell since then, there are more straightening aids from which to choose that are smaller, discreet, and more attractive.

What are my options as an adult?

As an adult, you are probably searching for a device that is as near to invisible as possible, especially if you are a professional wanting to be taken seriously by your work colleagues.

We recommend Invisalign products to people with minor teeth issues or malocclusions. Invisalign, also known as invisible braces, comprise of removable and clear coloured mouthguards made from durable plastic that gradually realign your teeth during several months to a year. The need for fixed brackets and a wiring system is eliminated with these sets of almost invisible aligner trays, meaning you can wear them in public without anyone know that they are there.

In the event of your teeth issues being too complicated for Invisalign to fix, we might recommend ceramic braces to you. Tooth coloured ceramic brackets replace metal brackets typically used for conventional straightening methods, and they are barely visible to the untrained eye and effective in their capacity to correct misalignments.

Braces for children

Adults often come to us, hoping to shorten their treatment times, which is usually not possible. Your teeth issues and bite problems become more complex as you age.

You might be wearing braces for longer than you care for, but your children might not have to experience a similar fate.

The first signs of misaligned teeth occur as young as seven, so if you, as a parent, suspect that your children might need orthodontic work, book them an appointment with us.

A child’s jaw is still developing at that age and not all their permanent teeth might yet have sprouted, which means that such problems might be easier to address and manoeuvre into the correct position.

Orthodontics in Stockwell no longer offers straightening aids just for children. People of all ages are transforming their appearances for the better thanks to braces.

Clear aligners: an investment for your teeth and oral health

We understand your plight – you like the idea of straight teeth, but not at a social cost. To you straightening aids like metal braces are for children, not adults climbing the corporate ladder to career success.

Clear Aligners in StockwellWould you reconsider if we told you that there is an orthodontic device that can fix your teeth but does not require you to support a metallic smile?

We know that we have piqued your interest, come to us at SW9 Dental to find out more about the innovative state of the art technology that designed clear aligners in Stockwell.

Clear aligners are more than mouth guards that protect your teeth

They might not look it, but clear aligners in Stockwell are dental braces that adjust your teeth into the right place over time.

Self-conscious adults who dislike drawing attention to themselves will enjoy the invisible appearance of the mouthguard – which you simply place over your gums and teeth – as well as their conveniently removable nature. Your eating habits and teeth cleaning routine will not change, and you do not have to concern yourself about food getting stuck in your braces every time you eat something.

Every two weeks, you are required to replace the trays for new ones that are slightly differently shaped to the last ones. Throughout your treatment you will receive multiple trays that will, very gradually, move your teeth into a different position until they are fully realigned.

The invention of aligners

Post treatment, people are usually given a retainer that keeps their newly straightened teeth in position. It was this thinking that led to the development of aligners or clear braces – if a retainer can keep teeth in place, surely, using the right technology and materials, they can also straighten crooked teeth?

The first models were invented in the 1970s and have undergone several adaptations since then, to bring you a sleek, snugly fitting design that makes straightening teeth easier and more comfortable than ever before. If you are looking for clear aligners in Stockwell we are the experienced practitioners who can deliver this innovative treatment.

Self-discipline is critical

Not only do adults yield incredible results from using this particular straightening aid, but we also recommend the product to children and teenagers who can also benefit if the device is used correctly.

However, clear aligners for children come with a new set of problems, and one of them is self-discipline. For the best results, aligners need to be worn 22 out of 24 hours in a day.  Children and teenagers have few responsibilities in life and are at an age where they are prone to losing and forgetting things – and are more likely to set aside an aligner while eating or playing sports and forget to put them back in afterwards.

Except for eating, drinking, playing sports and brushing teeth, we will stress the importance of wearing the mouthguard at all times to your children. Not doing so will add extra time to their treatment.

Achieve that million dollar smile you have dreamed about since you were a child with us.

Focus on general dentistry: Part 2

In part 1 of this 2-part focus on general dentistry treatments, we looked at the diagnostic check-up and the various restorative treatments used to deal with cavities caused by decay.

General Dentistry in StockwellGeneral dentistry also deals with looking after teeth that have become infected. Infections often show up as terrible toothache and you might find yourself needing to make an emergency appointment with us here at SW9 Dental in Stockwell so that we can deal with your pain. After we have numbed you and taken a good look, the next step is usually either root canal therapy or extraction.

Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is a way to save infected teeth. After administering a local anaesthetic, we clean out the infected pulp. This can take some time, especially if the tooth has 3 roots. Once the roots are clean, we fill them with filling material and then cover the tooth with a crown.


Teeth that cannot be saved because they have been too badly infected, or damaged in an accident, or have been failing for some years, need to be extracted. Extraction takes place under local anaesthetic and will leave you with a gap. Once the site has healed, it is important to start thinking about how to replace the tooth. The longer the gap is left, the more the jawbone will shrink in that area and neighbouring teeth may also be destabilised.

Replacing lost teeth

General dentistry usually includes making partial or full dentures, or bridges, to replace lost teeth. Dentures are removable, whereas bridges are fixed to neighbouring healthy teeth.

Because general dentistry is all about restoring your dental health, we also offer other treatments that contribute to good oral health.


If you grind your teeth at night, or routinely clench your jaw, you may suffer from a disorder of the jaw joint called temporomandibular disorder. Left untreated, it can lead to crumbling teeth. Bite guards that are worn at night can be made to protect teeth.

You will call on general treatments throughout your life. And we will be there to make sure you get high quality service from experienced dentists every time you come to us for general dentistry.

Focus on general treatments: Part 1

General dentistry forms the backbone of dental care for most patients. Most pop in from time to time for a bit of cosmetic dentistry, or need to focus for a while on another area of dentistry, such as treatment for gum disease or getting replacement teeth, but generally speaking, every patient relies on a small range of treatments that come under the umbrella of generally dentistry.

General Dentistry in StockwellThis is the first of 2 articles looking at the various treatments that we consider to be general dentistry.

Finding out what’s wrong

The way we find out if you need treatment is through the check-up. You come to SW9 Dental in Stockwell twice a year and we use the check-up, including a range of diagnostic tools, to see if there is anything wrong. As well as looking carefully around your mouth, we may take digital x-rays or even scans. These allow us to look inside your teeth and jawbone to see what is going on. We can see decay and disease in the teeth as well as how the roots are lining up under the gumline. We can also see how dense and strong the jawbone is.

We also use impressions, either putty or digital, if we need to look at the alignment of the teeth.

From these diagnostics, we can put a treatment plan in place. We will give you a written plan, including a treatment schedule and pricing, and when you have agreed to this, we can go ahead with treatment.

General dentistry treatments

If you are treated for decay or some other problem relating to the structure of your teeth, we may need to restore it afterwards. Restorative treatments include: fillings, inlays and onlays and crowns. Fillings, either amalgam or composite resin, go into the cavities left by decay, once we have cleaned it out. If there is a large cavity, we may cover it with an inlay or onlay, which is a piece of porcelain made to cover the filled-in area. Crowns cover the entire tooth and can be used to strengthen teeth that are weak but still have healthy roots.

The one routine that will help your kids for life

Parenting is all about setting a good example. Generally speaking, young children don’t learn by being told, they learn by copying behaviour. Good or bad, if they see you do it, they will copy it.

That’s why it’s really important to follow a good dental hygiene routine yourself, as well as making sure that your kids do too.

Dental Hygiene in StockwellIf you are telling your kids to brush their teeth twice a day for 2 minutes, to use fluoride toothpaste and go the dentist twice a year for a check-up and a deep clean, then you’d better be doing this too.

If your kids catch you skimping on your own toothbrushing, then, even if you stand over them at the wash basin every night, your behaviour will have already sent them the message that toothbrushing doesn’t really matter.

But, if you practise ‘do as I do’ as well as ‘do as I say’, then your children will receive the message that dental hygiene is very important and you will help set up good habits that last a lifetime. And along with those habits, their teeth also stand a much better chance of lasting a lifetime.

Children’s tooth enamel

Part of the reason to be super diligent with toothbrushing for kids is that their tooth enamel is still soft. It will harden up over the years, but in the meantime, it is much more vulnerable to tooth decay. Children are still learning the brushing skills to remove decay-causing plaque and they also consume more sugary snacks and drinks, and sugar feeds the plaque bacteria that attack teeth.

One thing you can do to help reduce the amount of sugar in their mouths is make sure they drink some water after a sugary snack, especially something like raisins, which tend to stick to the teeth and so can be more harmful than some sweets.

Treatments to protect teeth

At SW9 Dental in Stockwell, we can treat your children’s teeth to harden up the enamel. We can also paint the back teeth with sealants to provide a barrier against decay.

Give us a call to find out more about how we can help your child’s dental hygiene.

The importance of dental hygiene

Why does your SW9 Dental dentist go on about dental hygiene so much? It’s because having a clean and healthy mouth not only prolongs the life of your teeth but also gives you more chance of having a healthy body.

Dental Hygiene in StockwellThe endgame for your teeth

You already know that the worst thing that can befall your teeth is that they either come out or have to be extracted. However, teeth don’t get to that point all at once, unless you have the misfortune to get them knocked out in an accident.

Tooth issues tend to run along 2 trajectories: gum disease and decay. Sometimes your teeth suffer from one, sometimes from the other. They can have both at the same time too. Decay and gum disease have the same cause, a build-up of bacteria.

There are several hundred strains of bacteria in your mouth. One in particular, Streptococcus mutans, loves eating sugar. If you eat or drink something sugary or starchy, it will devour the sugars in your saliva and proliferate like mad. This is why you feel like your teeth have gone all furry after a sugary snack, like candy floss or raisins.

Gum disease

These bacteria excrete acid after eating sugar and it attacks your gums, making them sore, swollen and prone to bleeding. They also start to pull away from your teeth, creating space underneath into which more bacteria can travel, and start to attack your tooth roots and jawbone.


The acid also corrodes tooth enamel, creating cavities for decay to sneak into. Untreated decay leads to abscesses and infections. If you get an abscess, you will almost certainly need root canal therapy, maybe even extraction.

Easy oral health

Fortunately, it is easy to take care of your teeth. You just need to brush your teeth for 2 minutes twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. You need to floss to remove plaque and trapped food too.

You also need to visit SW9 Dental for a twice-yearly check-up so that we can deal with any problems in their very early stages. And don’t forget to get a deep clean form our hygienists too.

Fillings: a black and white story

Sometimes there’s no avoiding having fillings. They are a great way to save teeth that have been affected by decay. However, no one wants to be reminded for the rest of their lives that they had to have a filling. One way to avoid this is to have white fillings. They blend in with the rest of your tooth and so, when you smile or laugh, you don’t have to worry that everyone can see your dental history.

White Fillings in StockwellWhat’s in a filling

Let’s look at amalgam fillings. People like to call them silver fillings, but they are more dark grey or black than silver. They are made of silver tin and mercury, which together make a nice, soft putty-like material that the dentist can pack into the cavity left in your tooth when all the decay has been drilled out.

White fillings, on the other hand, are made of a mixture of plastic and glass. This also comes as a putty that the dentist puts into the cavity in layers, pausing between layers to cure or harden the resin with a UV light.


Each layer of composite resin bonds with the tooth, becoming one with it. Amalgam does not bond with the tooth, and, however tightly packed in it is, there’s always the chance that bacteria can get in round the edges and cause more decay.


Amalgam is too soft to shape. The best we can do here at SW9 Dental in Stockwell is pack it in flat. With composite resin though, once the tooth has been filled, we can shape the resin to recreate the mounds and valleys that you need on the surface of your tooth to grind up your food.

So, with white fillings, not only are your teeth the right colour, they are also the right shape. Why would anyone think, if they looked into your mouth, that you had ever had a filling in any of your teeth?

White fillings last really well too. Next time you come in, do ask for more information if you are interested in getting old amalgam replaced with white fillings.

Fillings that show, fillings that don’t

Tooth decay can take out your teeth entirely, and dental decay hurts. It can also spread from one tooth to another. All very good reasons to get your teeth checked every 6 months, and, if necessary, to get fillings.

White Fillings in StockwellThere are 2 kinds of fillings: fillings that show and fillings that don’t. The first are amalgam, which is a soft mixture of silver tin and mercury. The second are made of composite resin, which is soft mixture of plastic and glass. Just about everything about them, apart from the fact that they both start out soft, is different.

Take a look and decide which ones you would like to have:

More tooth for your money

Dentists have to remove more healthy tooth material to put in amalgam fillings than they do for composite resin fillings. This means that the walls of tooth around the cavity are thinner with amalgam, and so the tooth is weaker and more likely to split at some point in the future.

Sneaking in round the edges

Amalgam can be packed tightly into a cavity, but it can’t bond with your tooth. This means that however tightly the cavity is filled with amalgam, there is still an infinitesimal gap around the edges of the filling through which bacteria can sneak and start causing decay under the filling. Composite resin fillings go in in layers that are each bonded with the tooth, leaving no gaps for bacteria to enter through.

The flat tooth society

Amalgam fillings lie flat inside the edges of the tooth. Composite resin fillings, on the other hand, can be sculpted and shaped once they are in. This means the dentist can give you back your chewing surfaces, and when people look at your teeth, they see the right shape there.


Both kinds of fillings now last a long time.

So, next time you have a filling, or need to get one replaced, ask your dentist here at SW9 Dental in Stockwell about white fillings. You don’t have to wait for old fillings to fail before you get new white ones if you don’t want to. We can replace them any time you like.