Brace yourself for brighter smiles in Stockwell

When you look at your smile in the mirror, do you wish your teeth were straighter? If the answer is yes but the prospect of metal braces leaves you feeling self-conscious, then clear aligners are the solution you’ve been looking for. At SW9 Dental in Stockwell, clear aligners are the latest innovation in braces technology brought to you by Invisalign. They are both removable and almost invisible, so nobody needs to know you’re even wearing them.

clear-aligners-stockwellHow do clear aligners work?

Clear aligners – also known as invisible braces – are made of a clear acrylic material so there’s no need to fret about metal wires and braces being welded to your teeth anymore. When you visit us at SW9 Dental in Stockwell, clear aligners will be presented to you as a way to straighten your teeth in a potentially shorter time than traditional metal braces, depending on your individual case.

After a consultation, your first clear aligner will be custom made to snugly fit around your teeth. As you wear it, your teeth will begin to straighten out. Every few weeks you will replace your old aligner with a new one that better fits the gradually shifting position of your teeth and continues to move them to achieve your desired new look.

What are the perks of wearing clear aligners?

In addition to their near-invisible appearance, being able to remove your clear aligners means you can eat, floss and brush your teeth with ease. While fixed metal braces are effective, food often becomes lodged in awkward places, making dental hygiene a challenge. With clear aligners, you’ll be able to keep your teeth as clean as you always have.

Get your clear aligners in Stockwell at SW9 Dental

Our team of highly trained and experienced dentists apply the latest techniques and technology to meet your dental needs in a relaxed and friendly environment. Call, email or book online to arrange an initial consultation and we will talk you through a comprehensive treatment plan, address your concerns and answer any questions you have about clear aligners. At SW9 Dental in Stockwell, clear aligners are custom-made to bring a smile to your face.