Shining light on mouth cancer screening in Stockwell

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Mouth Cancer Screening in StockwellHere at SW9 Dental in Stockwell, it is our philosophy that prevention is the best form of any treatment. As such, we pride ourselves on putting the education, and furthering of a patient’s understanding about the signs of dental deterioration, at the forefront of our services. All too often, patients seek treatment through us, when it is already too late for any preventative measures to be taken, and the most severe of treatments are the only option left. It is for this reason that we have a fully equipped, specialist service, which offers mouth cancer screening in Stockwell, to help patients identify any tell-tale signs of developing cancerous tissue, and root it out whilst there is still ample time.

Tell tale signs

Mouth cancer can develop anywhere within the mouth, and is the sixth most common cancer in the world. It is estimated that around 6,800 people are year are diagnosed with mouth cancer, which can develop initially within any part of the patient’s mouth. This includes on a patient’s gums, lips, on the roof of their mouths, tongues and inside their cheeks, as well as on their tonsils and salivary glands. It is due to the vastness of the cancer’s reach, that it is imperative that our patients understand the symptoms of developing mouth cancer tissue. In the early developing stages of any form of mouth cancer, there are no inherent visible symptoms – although we recommend that smokers and heavy drinkers regularly get themselves screened for this exact reason. As the cancer develops, some of the tell-tale signs can include patches within the lining of the mouth or tongue, which are generally red or white. Other signs can include persistent swelling for over three weeks, pain when swallowing, loose teeth for no apparent reason, and poorly fitting dentures.

Shining a light on the issue

Those who are concerned they may have identified any symptoms of onset mouth-cancer, and wish to be screened by one of our highly trained, professional and approachable staff here, at SW9 Dental, can rest assured we will thoroughly examine you. The process of undertaking mouth cancer screening in Stockwell will initially consist of a dental practitioner making an initial assessment of the interior of the patient’s teeth, looking for any lumps or tissue abnormality, as well as searching for any red or white patches and sores. A specialist dental light may also be utilised during a mouth cancer screening, which makes healthy dental tissue appears dark, whilst any potentially cancerous tissue would come out white. Another method of mouth cancer screening in Stockwell which may be utilised, involves rinsing the inside of the patient’s mouth with a specialist blue dye, prior to beginning the examination. After which, the blue would be absorbed by any potentially cancerous tissue, which would make it easier for us to detect.

Why it is necessary

Recent studies have indicated that mouth cancer is on the rise, and that early detection can dramatically improve the potential for the patient to enjoy a full and healthy recovery. As such, it is imperative that patients, who feel they may be at risk of mouth cancer, seek the services of our friendly and supportive staff here at SW9 dental, in order for us to assist you on your path to a healthier mouth.

Look after your teeth with preventive care

Looking after your teeth and gum health daily is incredibly important. Brushing and flossing twice a day ensures your mouth stays healthy. As part of this routine your dentist at SW9 Dental recommends you come regularly for check-ups for:

Mouth Cancer Screening in StockwellHealthy Gums

Your gums are vital for the support of your teeth, so it’s worth really looking after them. Red or swollen gums that bleed could be an indication of gingivitis and if left untreated, this can develop into the serious form of gum disease, called periodontitis.

Sensitive Teeth

Dental erosion or loss of enamel from your teeth can make them hurt,  especially when eating hot or cold foods and drinks. Your diet and even your brushing habits could be a cause of this erosion. We can advise you about these factors and create individualised care plans for you to address these issues.

Smoking Cessation

We take your health seriously and since smoking could be seriously undermining the health of your gums and therefore your teeth, we offer information, guidance and support to help you you give up. We also take special care because of the link between smoking and cancer. In Stockwell, mouth cancer screening is recommended as a yearly routine service.

Attending regular check-ups is key to preventive care

Visiting us regularly ensures we can look after your teeth and gums. We are keen to ensure you visit us yearly for your mouth cancer screening as this is key to picking up any abnormalities early. Discovering and treating abnormal cells at this stage improves recovery dramatically.

What happens at the screening?

It’s a very simple procedure, using a handheld device, we’ll carry out a thorough examination of your mouth and throat. It won’t take long and will quickly highlight anything that needs our attention. We can discuss any ongoing mouth ulcers, sores, lessons and lumps with you and make a diagnosis. If you require treatment from us at this point we can do this with you, or if we feel it’s necessary we will refer you on, making sure you receive the best of care.

Don’t delay your appointment, ring our receptionist and find out when you are due for your next oral health check-up and your yearly screening.

Protect your health by having a mouth cancer screening in Stockwell

Although oral cancer makes up only a small percentage of total cancer cases, it is still a serious problem that should not be overlooked. Since oral cancer symptoms in the mouth can easily be mistaken for other issues or get overlooked as they develop, they are often not detected until the disease has already developed.

At SW9 Dental, we believe that prevention is better than cure and for this reason, mouth cancer screening is a part of every dental examination we offer. Statistics have shown that patients who are diagnosed with oral cancer in the early stages of development have higher survival rates – up to 80% after five years.

Mouth Cancer Screening in StockwellWhat to expect during a mouth cancer screening

The most important factor for early detection is your own observations while brushing and flossing your teeth. Signs of oral cancer can occur anywhere in your mouth and the main areas of concern are the tongue, the lips, the interior of your mouth and the back of your mouth and your throat. If you see something out of the ordinary while performing your oral hygiene, it is always advised to visit your dentist. Even if it’s something else, you will be assured that you have been examined by someone who knows what they are looking for.

A mouth cancer screening is a relatively quick and painless procedure. Your dentist will inspect your mouth and throat and look inside your mouth with the help of a light and mirror. Your dentist will also evaluate your gums and soft tissues in your mouth. They will also touch the head and cheeks, around the jaw, under the chin and in the oral cavity to feel for unusual masses or bumps. Generally, a mouth cancer screening is precautionary, not diagnostic.

If your dentist finds something abnormal during the exam, they may order a biopsy. Even if they do not find something abnormal, they will advise you to return for further screening. Patients who smoke or drink too much alcohol have a higher risk of oral cancer and should visit the dentist more regularly. Men over 45 are also more likely to develop oral cancer compared to women of the same age.