Clear aligners: an investment for your teeth and oral health

We understand your plight – you like the idea of straight teeth, but not at a social cost. To you straightening aids like metal braces are for children, not adults climbing the corporate ladder to career success.

Clear Aligners in StockwellWould you reconsider if we told you that there is an orthodontic device that can fix your teeth but does not require you to support a metallic smile?

We know that we have piqued your interest, come to us at SW9 Dental to find out more about the innovative state of the art technology that designed clear aligners in Stockwell.

Clear aligners are more than mouth guards that protect your teeth

They might not look it, but clear aligners in Stockwell are dental braces that adjust your teeth into the right place over time.

Self-conscious adults who dislike drawing attention to themselves will enjoy the invisible appearance of the mouthguard – which you simply place over your gums and teeth – as well as their conveniently removable nature. Your eating habits and teeth cleaning routine will not change, and you do not have to concern yourself about food getting stuck in your braces every time you eat something.

Every two weeks, you are required to replace the trays for new ones that are slightly differently shaped to the last ones. Throughout your treatment you will receive multiple trays that will, very gradually, move your teeth into a different position until they are fully realigned.

The invention of aligners

Post treatment, people are usually given a retainer that keeps their newly straightened teeth in position. It was this thinking that led to the development of aligners or clear braces – if a retainer can keep teeth in place, surely, using the right technology and materials, they can also straighten crooked teeth?

The first models were invented in the 1970s and have undergone several adaptations since then, to bring you a sleek, snugly fitting design that makes straightening teeth easier and more comfortable than ever before. If you are looking for clear aligners in Stockwell we are the experienced practitioners who can deliver this innovative treatment.

Self-discipline is critical

Not only do adults yield incredible results from using this particular straightening aid, but we also recommend the product to children and teenagers who can also benefit if the device is used correctly.

However, clear aligners for children come with a new set of problems, and one of them is self-discipline. For the best results, aligners need to be worn 22 out of 24 hours in a day.  Children and teenagers have few responsibilities in life and are at an age where they are prone to losing and forgetting things – and are more likely to set aside an aligner while eating or playing sports and forget to put them back in afterwards.

Except for eating, drinking, playing sports and brushing teeth, we will stress the importance of wearing the mouthguard at all times to your children. Not doing so will add extra time to their treatment.

Achieve that million dollar smile you have dreamed about since you were a child with us.