Take the stress of modern living out of your face

Life takes its toll on us, and as we get older, one place the strains and stresses of modern living never fail to show up is on our faces. It could be due to not enough sleep, too much work and commuting, or simply being a parent. Whatever the reason for having a tired looking face, there is a way to get it looking fresh and youthful again, and that’s with facial aesthetics.

Facial Aesthetics in StockwellAt SW9 Dental in Stockwell, we offer facial aesthetics treatments that last a good few months, but are not permanent, like a surgical facelift. This means you can try them out and, if you don’t like the results, you can go back to looking how you did before. So why not come in and give them a go?

Both our injectable treatments are administered by dentists who were already highly skilled with injections and also highly knowledgeable about the anatomy of the face and neck. That’s why dentistry and facial aesthetics go so well together.


You can’t have been living on planet Earth and not heard of Botox. It’s been around for a good couple of decades now. This is the purified protein of the botulinum toxin. Originally developed to combat excessive sweating, Botox is now also used to relax wrinkles that are held in place by habitually contracted muscles. It works really well on wrinkles in the top third of the face – the forehead, crow’s feet, and frown lines. It’s also really good for smoker’s lines around the top lip. Botox works by blocking nerve impulses to the muscles, which, over the week after treatment, gradually relax and smooth out. Treatments last around 4 months, so we recommend a top-up, if you like the results, after 3 months.

Dermal fillers

These injectables contain synthetic hyaluronic acid, a compound produced in the body that helps lock moisture into cells. Natural production of this acid reduces after the age of 30 and its lack is what makes our skin appear papery and lose its dewy glow. We use it to fill out wrinkles and hollows around the mouth. It can last 6 months.

Come in and give a try.