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Here is the price breakdown of our treatments, please note these can change depending on the case.

Fees correct as of May

NHS Treatments
Band 1  
Band 2  
Band 3  


Fees correct as of April 2019
Private Examination (Check Up) (Matching NHS fees) £22.70
Private Examination with Scale & Polish   £72.70
Hygiene Visit   £50 Per 30 minute session
Children Hygiene Visit   £25 Per 15 minute session
Extraction From £62.10
Tooth Whitening (Home kit) From £125.00
Whitening (Surgery)   £250.00
Periodontal Treatment From £60.00 Per Quadrant
Amalgam (silver) filling From £62.10
Fillings Tooth Coloured From £75.00
Root Canal (Per canal) From £150.00
Veneers From £300.00
Metallic (silver) crown From £269.30
Porcelain Fused to Metal From £350.00
All Porcelain (High Aesthetic) From £500.00
Bridges (Per unit) From £350.00
Acrylic From £269.30
Flexible Dentures From £550.00
Chrome Cobalt From £750.00
Implant Package From £1,200.00
Bone Grafting From £300.00
Orthodontic Appliances
Inman Aligners From £895.00
Permanent Retainer   £300.00
6 Month Smiles Tooth Coloured Braces From £1500.00
C-fast orthodontic system From £1500.00
Lingual Braces From £1750.00
Invisalign® i7 From £1500.00
Invisalign® From £2500.00
Invisalign® Teen** From £2500.00

**Our minimum age for Invisalign® Teen and all brace treatments is 16 years old. Please call for details